There are curerently four defibrillators located around the village available for anyone to use. If needed,

  • Go to one of the following locations
  • Call 999
  • Give the postcode written on the 'Yellow Box' to the person on the telephone
  • They will give you a code to unlock the box
  • Close the box behind you
  • The unit will instruct you of what to do
  • Please return the defibrillator to Stokenchurch Parish Council Office at Longburrow Hall, unless the paramedics take it with them.



The Kings Hotel, Wycombe Road, Stokenchurch - Situated on the wall at the righthand side of the building when looking from the front.

The Service Centre, Wycombe Road, Stokenchurch - Situation on the wall to the righthand side of the front of the building.

Chris's Cafe, Wycombe Road, Studley Green - Situation on the wall Around the righthand side of the building.

Long Burrow Hall, Park Lane, Stokenchurch - Situation on the wall next to the entrance of Longburrow Hall.


There will soon be one situation on the wall of the shop at the top of New Road which will hopefully be up and running by December 2016