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Local Plan 

Attached is an electronic copy of the summary leaflet.

The full version of the plan will be available from Monday 20th June 2016 on their website:


Notice of Appointment of Date for the exercise of Electors Rights

Accounts for the Year ended 31st March 2016


Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM last night. We hope you found the meeting informative. Thank you to our local organisation speakers who provided updates. Congratulations again to Jan & Brian Elson who receive the Parishioner Award for their contribution to the community.

Please click on the  link below to read the Chairman's report that was presented at the meeting.

Chairman's Report AGM 2016



Dear all,Due to the number of issues that are taking place at the above site, and the various methods of communication used to notify me of such developments, I feel it is necessary to issue a formal update in regard to the action that is being taken by the Council in relation to the unauthorised developments at Mudds Bank. In order for me to continually monitor the situation I will visit the site on a bi-weekly basis and issue a monthly update. This update will enable me to provide you with all the same information so we are all aware of the situation and action being taken.

As promised I visited the site last week and yesterday and I noted the new green shed that has been erected, as well as the digger on site, the earth works and the soil material now stored at Berry Farm, I will deal with each of these issues in turn below.

New green shed

I have carried out a land registry search to identify the owner of the land and will be writing to them to advise that the shed represents a breach of planning control. I will request information in relation to the intended use of the land and the purpose of the shed. If the land is to be used for agricultural purposes, it may be that the shed is a reasonable requirement to facilitate that use, but without this information I cannot confirm either way. Once I have details from the owner(s) I will assess whether it is expedient to take further action to require the shed to be removed. Obviously if a planning application is received, this will be considered in the normal way and the planning merits of the development will be assessed.

Digger on site, earth works and planting of Christmas trees

The digger on site is preparing the land for the planting of Christmas trees and the tipper on site has been filling in a few holes in the access track with material. This does not represent a breach of planning control and therefore I am not in a positon to take action against this development. No hardstanding has been laid at the site.

Soil material now stored at Berry Farm

Again, this material being stored on the site is not a breach of planning control. The material may be being stored in preparation for the implementation of the planning permission for the track, but I will take periodic photos of the site so I can assess what work is being undertaken. If it becomes clear that the soil is not being used for the track and has no purpose on the site I will seek its removal. A current planning application has been submitted on this part of the site for a new barn. Details are available on our Public Access website (ref: 16/06005/FUL).


At this present time, the works that have been undertaken do not warrant the serving of a Stop Notice. A Stop Notice can only served where the activities being carried out are in breach of planning control and have a serious effect on the area. The requirements of the Notice can only prohibit what is essential in order to safeguard the amenities or public safety, or to prevent serious or irreversible harm to the environment in the surrounding area. Whilst I appreciate you have serious concern over the developments that have taken place to date, the works do not have a serious effect on the area and has not caused irreversible harm, and therefore a Stop Notice is not appropriate in this instance.

I hope this update provides the relevant information that you have requested, however if I have missed anything please do not hesitate to contact me. If I have missed anyone off this update who you think should be made aware, please do let me know and I will add them to the group.


Mrs Gemma Davies MSc, MRTPI
Planning Enforcement Team Leader





Hall Hire - new deposit process
Deposit Terms
We will require a £60 refundable deposit for non-profit making hirers and £150 refundable deposit for profit making and one off hirers. These deposits will be held in a separate deposit holding account for the duration of hire and any interest accrued will be donated to charity.

Hall Hire Terms & Conditions
We have new terms and conditions of hall hire with effect from April 2016 with regards to the new deposit process and key.

The Parish Council will shortly be taking further responsibilities transferred from both Bucks County Council and Wycombe District Council with regards to the upkeep of our parish. The Parish Council has reviewed all expenditure and has identified cost saving initiatives to ensure we are keep within our budget and precept requirements as we move forward this coming year and beyond.

As a result, the resident caretaker position will cease with effect from Friday 20th May 2016. This role has been made redundant and will not be replaced. Hall hirers will be notified directly with regards to hall procedures.

On behalf of the Parish Council, we would like to thank Fred Dutton for his services to the Council over the last four years and we wish him every success for the future.



This local charity has just resumed holding tabletop sales at the kennels in Oxford Road on the last Saturday of every month, from 10am till 12 noon. Literally tons of donated new and nearly new clothes, books, household goods, toys, DVDs, records, plants (occasionally), greetings cards and more. Bargains galore. The sales help save dogs' lives and find them good new homes.  Helpers are wanted to help set up tables and then later put them away in sheds as most helpers are elderly and more muscle is needed!  Setting up is usually from about 8am and then putting tables and goods away from about 11.45. 

Any young people in the village able to help?  Call Michelle Vickers on

01494 482695. Please park considerately outside the kennels.









An order came into operation on 8th January 2016 to introduce a no waiting at any time restriction in certain parts of Bartholomew Tipping Road, Georege Road and Wycombe Road, Stokenchurch.



Stokenchurch Fire Station Needs you…

As an on-call firefighter you can play a vital role in your local community while continuing with your primary employment and career. It is a highly worthwhile way to use your available spare time. In doing so you will be paid, meet new colleagues, develop new friendships and acquire a range of new skills.

On-call fire crews will be called upon to attend the full range of incidents including fires, floods, road traffic collisions, chemical spills and more, and work alongside their wholetime colleagues at many incidents.

This is your chance to take on a vital role on behalf of your local community without having to change the way you live or work. Operating on an on-call basis, you will respond to emergency incidents as part of your on-call firefighter role.

On-call firefighters are paid a monthly retaining fee and in addition hourly payments plus appropriate disturbance allowances for actual hours worked. These amounts will depend on your role – Firefighter, Crew Manager or Watch Manager – and the hours you are available and actually work

Firefighters are highly trained, skilled individuals who have the fitness and stamina to keep working when the going gets tough. You must be able to demonstrate that you…

Are able to get to the fire station safely and within limited time, when alerted – working with the crew to provide 24-hour cover, 365 days a year..
Work effectively as part of a team.
Are able to communicate with all members of the community.
Have a logical approach to problems.
Can meet the Fire and Rescue Service's medical standards for eyesight, colour vision, hearing, lung function and general fitness.
Have the permission of your primary employer.
For more information, email Stokenchurch Station Commander, Tom Brandon at





South Central Ambulance Service are currently looking for volunteer Community First Responders and I would be grateful if you could distribute the details below to your colleagues and also if possible as an article on your newsletter.


SCAS encourages members of the public to become Community First Responders in Buckinghamshire


South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) is encouraging members of the public to play a valuable role in their Buckinghamshire neighbourhoods by becoming Community First Responders (CFRs).


CFRs are volunteers available to be dispatched by the ambulance Emergency Operations Centre to attend appropriate medical emergencies in their local area. Volunteers undergo two days of training at one of our training centres, explaining how to recognise and treat many serious and life threatening medical emergencies, ranging from cardiac arrest to strokes in the elderly through to infants, to name but a few of the situations the volunteers may face.


Dave Johnson, a Community First Responder for the Wendover area and also a Buckinghamshire Governor for SCAS, said: “The role of a CFR is to provide assistance to those with a medical emergency and most importantly to start and maintain the chain of survival in cardiac arrest patients until an ambulance crew arrives.”


Dave went on to explain why an early response is vital.


He added: “Our Community First Responders continue to support our frontline operations and we are encouraging new volunteers to join the service. These are valuable volunteer CFRs in local communities who are able to respond to appropriate incidents and assist patients in a serious or life threatening condition before the arrival of an ambulance crew. They make a real difference by saving seconds and minutes which can make the difference to the patient’s outcome.”


Anyone can become a community first responder, as long as they are aged 18 and over and have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of one year.


No previous medical experience is needed and the ambulance service provides a comprehensive training course and continuous support, together with flexible hours.

Community First Responders log on when they want to, for as long as they want to on the days that they want to. They work in and for their local community.


For further details please go to


The Trust also welcomes residents who would be interested in getting involved with fundraising, attending events etc. Contact 0800 587 0207 or to find out more.



Many thanks






Monica Moro ACIM

Membership, Engagement and Marketing Support Officer

Communications and Marketing department

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust | 7-8 Talisman Road | Bicester | OX26 6HR | Tel: 01869 365126 (Switchboard 01869 365000) | Mobile: 07788 418915 | | |Twitter – follow us @scas990



Stokenchurch Primary School, the Parish Council and Thames Valley Police have joined together in an initiative to try to solve the problems caused in George Road during school drop-off and pick-up times. The main issues are danger to children and inconsiderate parking.  

The Parish Council has written to every parent highlighting their concern.  Similarly the police have issued a 'Do and Don't' guidance note.  The school have circulated these via their intranet and hand delivered others. 

An unofficial one-way system already exists during the two critical periods - in from the A40 via Pigeon Farm Road, out via George Road.  County Councillor Carl Etholen has been approached about the problems.  He thought the suggestion of making a formal one way system had merit but warned that the process was costly and time-consuming.  It was recognised that these problems may be exacerbated when the Tesco store opens. 

Other suggestions have been put forward - use the Adult Education Centre car park, a 20 m.p.h. speed limit, school gates opening earlier.  These will be progressed.



Stokenchurch Community Transport (SCT) provides an essential service to our village.  They provide mobility to the elderly and disabled enabling them to get to appointments at the Medical Centre, do shopping and meet friends and acquaintances at the Day Centre.  Without the SCT many would be left without any form of transport.

SCT is desperately short of drivers and helpers.  If you think you can spare an hour or so of your time on a regular basis, please contact DOUG TUCKER on 01494 482211 or 07799 881682. 



Did you know that Stokenchurch Parish Council are selling paperback books relating to four circular walks in the Parish. They cost £2.50 each and are available from the office. The booklet has maps, along with descriptive notes of the walks and what to look out for. Also included is the Country Code which all walkers should adhere to. To get your hands on one either pop into the office or telephone 01494 482403 or you can email


This website contains a section on 'Living in Stokenchurch' - simply click on the menu on the left -  which hopefully gives newcomers to our village (and anyone who currently lives here) a guide to the facilities and activities in the area.  It is by no means totally comprehensive - if you believe that your group has been omitted or that the information is inaccurate, please drop an e-mail to the clerk on



Residents of the Parish of Stokenchurch who wish to apply for a grant towards academic expenses should get an application form from Mrs P. Colling, Kinda Cool, Wycombe Road, Stokenchurch HP14 3RR ('phone: 01494 483120).  The closing date is 30 November each year.Thank you to everyone who attended our AGM this evening. We hope you found the meeting informative. Thank you to our local organisation speakers who provided updates. Congratulations again to Jan & Brian Elson who receive the Parishioner Award for their contribution to the community.