Details of recent planning applications are updated weekly by the Wycombe District Council Planning Office.When a new application is received it is usually discussed at the next parish council meeting. You can review all recent planning applications by using the Wycombe Planning website.


  1. Select 'Advanced Search' using the button labelled Advanced.
  2. In the 'APPLICATION DETAILS' section put Stokenchurch in the 'Parish' box using the drop down menu. Leave all other boxes in this section blank.
  3. Go to the 'DATES' section, enter a recent date (we suggest three months back) in the first date box and today's date in the second date box. Again leave all other boxes empty.
  4. Click on 'SEARCH' - all recent applications for Stokenchurch between the dates you inserted should now appear.

Making a Comment

If you wish to make an observation or objection to a particular application the planning applications web page provides full information on using Public Access including how to submit comments.